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GENEDGE Assists Capewell Prototype Product Mil-Spec Testing with the Go Virginia Re-Tooling Program

With the help of: GENEDGE


Capewell Aerial Systems, LLC, of Meadows of Dan, Virginia, produces primarily textile products that are supplied for various Department of Defense (DOD) and Homeland Security (DHS) applications. With a history of innovation that spans well over a century, Capewell's solutions, products, and services have made them the go-to global expert in aerial delivery and survivability. They design, engineer, and manufacture the most innovative, reliable, and effective aerial delivery equipment in the world. 

The Challenge

Capewell Aerial Systems initially engaged GENEDGE, part of the MEP National Network™, to assist them with identifying their most urgent and future needs through a commercialization assessment process. 

Capewell (formerly Aerial Machine & Tool Corporation) has been a client of GENEDGE for more than 20 years. We developed and implemented our first ISO 9000 series quality management system with the help of the then VPMEP team. For many years, GENEDGE has been a wonderful resource for growth and training. Through the Go Virginia Re-Tooling Program, we recently brought one of our company-designed products to market. In addition, we were able to provide our production leadership teams with training and development opportunities. GENEDGE Regional Growth Managers have been professional, helpful, and committed to helping our business succeed.
— Cathy Roberts, QA / Contract Manager

MEP's Role

During this process, it was identified that a Capewell prototype product needed to be evaluated for Mil-Spec compliance. Though initial customers may be in the DOD arena there are extended commercial applications for this product.  To help get the Capewell prototype ready for Mil-Spec compliance a variety of temperature tests were conducted, including high and low temperatures, humidity, salt fog, blowing dust, blowing sand, vibrations, and transit drop shock. Capewell Aerial Systems provided equipment and personnel to operate and verify the product's performance during the environmental testing, while GENEDGE provided the test environment.

This project allowed Capewell to have their prototype product evaluated and confirm compliance with Mil-Spec requirements leading to the opportunity to move the prototype product forward toward production. This project is anticipated to achieve $31,000,000.00 in new sales, $4,500,000.00 in cost savings and 10 retained jobs. Capwell was also selected by the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership to be profiled for The Heroes of American Manufacturing video series coming in 2024.

Created February 1, 2024