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Employee Retention Grant Propels Employee Growth and Increases Sales


Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, Tides Medical’s mission is to revolutionize access to the regenerative power of birth tissue technology. Tides Medical’s vision is to eliminate pain and suffering caused by chronic soft tissue conditions. Although their primary product is high-quality human amniotic tissue grafts, they are really in the business of helping people. Tides Medical® sources and acquires donated placentas to make advanced skin substitutes available to the patients who need them. Then they work with physicians and their staffs to help them navigate the complex reimbursement process.

Tides' goal is that they will remove the barriers that might prevent patients from accessing the full range of treatment options they deserve. It’s a challenge that their team takes personally. Tides Medical’s team of dedicated professionals works every day to fulfill the company’s mission of revolutionizing access to the power of birth tissue technology. From the tissue bank, to the corporate office, to the sales agents throughout the country, each Tides team member is personally invested in supporting their customers and their patients.

The Challenge

SLCC MEP of LA Regional Manager Cassie Adams, part of the MEP National Network™, was aware that Tides Medical was expanding, particularly the tissue bank where their products are manufactured.  It was then that Adams knew an IWTP Employee Retention grant was needed.

The services I have received have been very beneficial to the growth and employee retention in our company.

— Andew Reiss, Human Resources Generalist

MEP's Role

When SLCC MEP of LA started with the IWTP grant for Tides Medical, the company in Louisiana had only 49 employees. Throughout the process of the employee retention grant, Tides Medical was able to double to 110 employees. The grant trained their employees in courses such as Behavioral Interview, Creating an Outstanding Customer Experience, Developing Positive Relationships at Work, Effective Team Leadership, and much more. These courses ultimately assisted Tides Medical’s new leadership in their roles and advancement as well as taught them how to work together as a team, communication, and how to conduct interviews. The company also learned how to efficiently run computers with training in Excel, Word and PowerPoint for presentations. Tides Medical also gained information on supply chain and CRM training. The knowledge gained by the company throughout the duration of the training could be seen as the start of many successful outcomes in the future!
Created February 1, 2024, Updated February 24, 2024