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Conveyor & Automation and Maryland MEP Technology Showcase

With the help of: Maryland MEP


Conveyor & Automation Technologies Inc. specializes in understanding and implementing automated manufacturing for the food, beverage, and consumer goods industries.  As a Maryland manufacturer of conveyor and robotic systems, this woman-owned manufacturer works with customers to design efficient automated solutions that help improve production times and minimize downtime.  At their Sparks Glencoe, MD facility they manufacture stainless steel and mild steel conveyor, robotic palletizers, end-of-arm tools, and control panels, and integrate them with custom software to provide a turnkey solution for a nationwide customer base. Installation services, training, and after-sales support keep these systems functioning and allow all of their customers to depend less on the on-going workforce shortage and more on fulfilling orders.

The Challenge

Conveyor & Automation, like many manufacturers, continues to look for new and innovative ways to engage new clients and markets to grow their business. At the same time, to remain competitive, Maryland manufacturers are looking to invest in Industry 4.0 technologies, machinery and robotics, and digital business practices but lack access to education and hands on opportunities.

As a result of the Technology Showcase, Conveyor & Automation competed against 12 other national and regional organizations and was successfully awarded a $2 million project from a Maryland based national manufacturer of building improvement products.  The project involves utilizing state-of-the-art robots, palletizers and conveyors to help optimize the plant’s efficiency.

— Lilly Sarikas , President

MEP's Role

In October 2023, Conveyor & Automation and Maryland MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, partnered to deliver a technology showcase event for manufacturers. During the event, manufacturers in attendance were able to discuss with the Conveyor & Automation team ways to scale automation solutions to their businesses and solve specific process issues. Attendees had the opportunity to see robotics and automation in action via Conveyor and Automation’s Row Pick Robotic Palletizer, using a FANUC 410i 315 Kilogram Robot, as well as a FANUC CrX Collaborative Palletizing Robot. The event was a lead generation success for Conveyor & Automation with over 100 individuals attending across over 25 manufacturing organizations.


Created January 30, 2024