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Brunton's Reshoring Success: A Collaborative Journey with Manufacturing Works for Sustainable Growth

With the help of: Manufacturing Works


Brunton was established in 1894 by mining engineer David W. Brunton, who patented the first pocket transit, a portable surveying tool that revolutionized the instrumentation needed for mine survey work by reducing its size and weight. The pocket transit quickly found applications in geology and the military, and by the early 1900s, models were being sold globally. Since 1972, the company has been headquartered in Riverton, Wyoming, where it currently manufactures pocket transits, compasses, and sighting instruments. By 2024, as Brunton celebrates its 130th anniversary, all of its transit and compass models will be produced in-house.

The Challenge

In 2021, Brunton underwent a change in ownership, with two employees taking the helm. Under this new leadership, the company has been actively focusing on improvements and innovations across all its departments. Part of their strategic shift involves moving more of their supply chain to Wyoming and US-based suppliers to ensure their ongoing success. Faced with limited supplier options, Brunton turned to Manufacturing Works, part of the MEP National Network™, to help identify viable long-term US suppliers.
Brunton is proud of our long heritage of US manufacturing, and we want to protect our supply chain wherever possible. We are excited to continue bringing more of our sourcing to regional and local vendors and to serve as the hub of an ever-growing manufacturing community here in Wyoming.
— Lauren Heerschap, Owner & CEO

MEP's Role

Manufacturing Works provided assistance to Brunton International by leveraging its US and Wyoming Supplier Scouting resources and industry expertise to identify Wyoming manufacturers that could fulfill their supply chain requirements. Currently, Brunton is collaborating with Pertech Industries Inc., an electronic and contract manufacturer, and Legacy Molding, an injection molding company, both located in Riverton, along with Loya Machine, Inc., a machine shop in Rock River, and HiViz, a sight manufacturer in Laramie, among others. This reshoring initiative has enabled Brunton to reduce product lead times and procure high-quality products with a competitive total cost of ownership.

Brunton and these new suppliers are excited about the future of their partnership. They are looking to expand their product lines and markets together. They are also planning to invest in new technology and training to further improve their capabilities.

These partnerships are great examples of how Manufacturing Works can help Wyoming businesses connect with suppliers and partners. By leveraging Manufacturing Works' resources, Brunton, Pertech, Legacy, Loya, and HiViz were able to find mutually beneficial relationships that have helped these companies grow and succeed.

Created January 30, 2024