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Automation in Plant Increases Employee Morale and Output


Vanamatic Company is a global supplier of precision machined components to the aerospace, automotive, and fluid power and general fittings industries, and has been family-owned and operated since 1954. Located in Delphos, Ohio, the state-of-the-art facility provides its 105 employees with a safe, clean and climate-controlled work environment. 

The Challenge

Vanamatic leadership wanted to increase the output at their Delphos facility, thereby improving the employee work environment from a labor-intensive environment to a more automated one. Their current process was manual and labor-intensive. This enhancement would directly affect both output and employee morale.
This is a good program. It was a pleasure working with CIFT and the Ohio MEP. Vanamatic greatly appreciates the assistance that the MEP provides to small business owners around continuous improvement and strategic growth opportunities. Vanamatic has a long history and culture of continuous improvement stretching back to 1954. I'm happy to report that since this project and others were implemented, Vanamatic has not only maintained our competitive pricing for these product lines; but we have dramatically expanded sales, hired more employees, and have instituted substantial wage increases over the last several years. Our employees get paid more to work less strenuous jobs with greater output! Win-win.
— Adam Wiltsie, CEO and Director of Operations

MEP's Role

After assessing the situation, CIFT, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, brought in Superior Equipment Solutions (SES), a full-service engineering company that supports machine builds, both new and used. SES proposed and implemented a new setup that would bring the process at the facility from complete manual operation to fully-automated part loading. This step would free up the current operator to work on other tasks within the facility.

SES retrofitted and automated the part loading of two machines, resulting in full part loading automation. The quality, rate, and ergonomic improvements of the operation was substantial for the output of the machines. The project eliminated potential quality concerns, reduced cycle time, improved efficiency, enhanced employee retention and reduced risk. The resulting elimination of labor associated with the process enabled the company to use that manpower elsewhere to shave costs and expand sales with existing customers. The range in labor savings was 40%-50%. 

Created April 18, 2023