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Alaska Food Co.'s Success: Streamlined Processes and Strategic Investments


Alaska Food Company is a service-disabled veteran-owned company that currently has six employees in Wasilla, Alaska. They offer freeze-drying as a service and sell own in-house freeze-dried meals, 49th Farms. The meals are perfect for people who want a quick, restaurant-quality meal on the go or at home, for outdoor adventures, or for buffet feeding.

The Challenge

Alaska Food Co.'s challenge was to set up a manufacturing process to minimize redundancies and maximize the efficiency of space and personnel to operate without wasting time and energy.
Working with Alaska MEP has been great! The assistance that we have received helped us foresee issues in our manufacturing process instead of having to learn them the hard way. The professional development workshops have also been great for building our team's skills. Lastly, the networking they have provided has been a massive help for our business development. We plan to utilize Alaska MEP's resources as much as possible in the future and are truly grateful for everything that they do.
— Cody Russell, CEO/CFO

MEP's Role

Alaska MEP helped solve that issue by connecting with a company called Lean Alaska that specializes in Six Sigma. With their assistance, Alaska Food Co. was able to map out the manufacturing process in a way that streamlined the process from receiving raw materials to producing the final product, while also figuring out the exact number of personnel needed for staffing. Additionally, the Alaska Food Co. team attended a sales training workshop and will attend upcoming HACCP training workshops.
Created November 3, 2023