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Wincore Window Company Receives Air Sample Evaluation


Wincore Window Company manufacturers vinyl-based windows for both new and replacement work. The company began operations in January 2007 where the company worked a total of 58,193 hours. This year, the company is on track to work over 1 million hours. Wincore is made up of three facilities, two In Parkersburg, West Virginia, and one in Swainsboro, Georgia. In addition to windows the company also produces high-end entry and patio doors.

The Challenge

Wincore Window Company was seeking assistance in maintaining employee safety and meeting OSHA compliance for air quality in the workplace. Wincore works with fiberglass, which has the potential for composite dust, leaving the company at risk of receiving large fines from OSHA, or, far worse, endangering their employees. For help the company contacted the WVU Industrial Extension, part of the MEP National Network™.
The WVU Industrial Extension provided exceptional service and delivered more than what was expected. Their team related to our staff and we have already made plans to work with them in the future.
— Michael Smith, Safety Manager

MEP's Role

The WVU Industrial Extension collected six personal samples to quantify employee exposure to glass fibers and total dust while cutting, sanding, and fabricating fiberglass doors. The purpose of the survey was to assess worker exposure to glass fibers and total dust while performing work during their normally scheduled shift. The 8-hour time-weighted average findings were compared to occupational exposure levels and recommendations were provided. A technical report was provided that included data analysis and the laboratory findings for the air samples.
Created April 13, 2022