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Unlocking Opportunities With CMMC Compliance Remediation


As the largest lighting-focused engineering firm in North America, Eco Engineering has designed leading edge lighting solutions since 1993, which result in ideal visual environments precisely matched to application needs and budget requirements. The privately-held company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with employees distributed across the United States to support the North American projects they design and implement for their clients.

The Challenge

As a result of their expertise and quality of completed work, opportunities for project work across the government agencies has been increasing. Some of the largest installations that Eco Engineering conducts is within the Department of Defense and it is expected to grow. At an early stage, senior leadership recognized that working towards CMMC certification would be a market differentiator and would position them in a state of readiness when the requirements are applied to them. Understanding all of the nuance within CMMC was a challenge and TechSolve, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, was there to help.
TechSolve is a great asset to the Cincinnati business community. Once again they were able to assist my company in achieving compliance with rules and regulations that seemed overwhelming. I used TechSolve years ago at a former company to become ISO 9000 compliant. When I was assigned this project, I reached out to TechSolve and TechSolve had a program in place to assist companies to become CMMC compliant. Joe Anderson of TechSolve was awesome in his knowledge of IT security and how to guide Eco Engineering through the process and was a great help in drafting all the processes, manuals and training programs Eco Engineering needed. Joe worked closely with our managed service provider and another outsourced service provider to explain what was needed not only for Eco Engineering, but also for their other customers to keep their IT systems secure. Without the help of TechSolve this project would have stretched out over a year versus the few months it took with using TechSolve’s program.
— Dayna Martin, Director of Marketing and Business Development

MEP's Role

Eco Engineering recognized that they needed help in understanding CMMC and what strategy should be employed for compliance. TechSolve worked closely with key employees and their outsourced IT group to find opportunities to improve cybersecurity as well as how to meet the specific governance and compliance controls. During the engagement, it was determined that their line of business application, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, would need specific considerations in order to obtain appropriate compliance. Helping Eco Engineering, in turn, has helped this SaaS provider become aware of CMMC and will be helpful for any other customer who uses this product as well. This is an example of how helping one customer has also resulted in impacting other supply members of the supply chain.
Created May 7, 2022