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TLC Products New Building Layout


TLC Products, Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio develops, manufactures, and markets live bacterial products for use in commercial agriculture to promote plant growth and health while reducing need for chemical inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.). TLC also provides products that purify water in aquatic systems such as ponds, aquariums, fountains, and septic tanks. All of TLC Products' treatments are proudly made in the United States and environmentally beneficial; select items are certified organic by internally-recognized authorities.  

The Challenge

TLC's manufacturing operation was in a 13,000-square-foot facility located in Cleveland. TLC also rented offsite storage for overflow inventory. The manufacturing facility did not have the space needed to grow the business and the space issues were also causing flow and process issues, which led to process inefficiencies.

To alleviate the overcrowding issue TLC purchased a new facility with 18,000 square feet and double the height of the previous building, providing more than double the space for storage. TLC reached out to MAGNET, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, to assist in creating an optimized layout for the new facility, with workflow optimization and efficiency as the key goals.
Many Ohio businesses could benefit from these services but I don't believe there is sufficient awareness amongst the small business community. More advertising/marketing of some sort might be needed to increase client awareness.  The service has huge benefit to offer Ohio manufacturing thus I hope more businesses become aware of what is available.
— John Wong , CEO

MEP's Role

MAGNET first studied the operations in order to understand the flows for the various product families produced by TLC. Efficiency gains that could be incorporated into the new layout were also documented.

Concept drawings were than created and reviewed which lead to a new facility layout. The new layout minimized travel distance optimizing flow and space.  Layout improvements also allowed for process control of the three main product lines. The new layout was also detailed to assist contractors in renovating the building.  
Created October 27, 2022