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Snyder Mfg Increases Sales & Jobs Through Structured Operations, Compensation, & Staffing Reviews


Snyder Manufacturing, located in Dover, Ohio, manufactures high-performance laminated fabrics, PVC coated mesh, extruded films, and custom solutions for commercial, industrial and government customers in many industries. It was founded in 1951 as a first-tier supplier to BF Goodrich and has grown to be a leader in the development of innovative and custom-engineered solutions with sixty (60) employees.

The Challenge

In order to to remain competitive in the current manufacturing and workforce climate, Snyder Manufacturing needed an objective, structured review of its manufacturing operations towards continuous improvement, a review of the current employee compensation and benefits, and a review and analysis of the workforce experience with feedback to key decision-makers.
MAGNET is a great resource for us. They were able to provide expertise in multiple areas of our company.  Everyone we worked with was hands-on and helped through all of the details of each project. They were well organized and kept us on a task for each project they worked on. They were the lead on each project and required minimal time from our management team. They worked directly with each department and reviewed results with myself and management. MAGNET is a great resource available to small businesses.
— Jolene Meese, MAGNET

MEP's Role

MAGNET, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, assembled a project team with the necessary breadth of expertise for the project to be successful. The project included structured reviews, feedback, and recommendations around production lines; job tracking processes; labor methods for reducing the number of "seconds" and "others"; workforce compensation and benefits compared to surrounding areas; and workforce analysis.
Created January 24, 2023