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Remmey Pallet Company Sees Improvements with Nail Gun Safety Training


Remmey - The Pallet Company designs, manufactures and delivers quality wood, plastic, corrugated and metal pallets all across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, focusing primarily in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. While they offer a wide range of standard wood pallets, they also provide customized wood pallet and packaging needs to their clients.  Remmey - The Pallet Company has two manufacturing facilities consisting of 38 acres covering 75,000 square feet under roof with locations in Beaver Springs, and Lehighton, Pennsylvania.

The Challenge

Remmey - The Pallet Company was experiencing a significant number of nail gun safety incidents with its employees and reached out to IMC for assistance with revamping the current nail gun safety training offered to employees along with completing a job hazard analysis (JHA) for the hand nailing operation at its Beaver Springs facility.
The feedback from the survey may not seem as positive as the true results. The need for this particular training was safety oriented and I feel it has led directly to the reduction of nail gun incidents we have had in the last 12 months.
— Josh Desaulniers, Plant Manager

MEP's Role

To assist Remmey with the need for customized Nail Gun Safety Training for the hand nailing operations, IMC, part of the Pennsylvania MEP and the MEP National Network™, brought in EMS Consulting (EMS). EMS observed Remmey's operations and staff to collaborate with the company on creating customized nail gun safety training and a job hazard analysis for the hand nailing station. This project provided services that had a positive impact on Remmey’s safety performance, its level of OSHA compliance and therefore its avoidance of fines and penalties for being out of compliance.

The deliverables included a nail gun safety training specific to Remmey’s hand nailing station at the Beaver Springs facility that provides illustrations of the work space and specific tools utilized to perform the work as well as a job hazard analysis identifying the task associated with the hand nailing station, the existing and potential hazards and the current controls or recommended controls (to include recommended PPE) provided in a simple OSHA format. As a result of this training, employees have a good understanding of the tasks associated with the hand nailing station and the hazards associated with the job task.

Created October 8, 2022, Updated April 5, 2023