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Reforming Business Practices Through Continuous Improvement


ARM - TruckCorp manufactures custom equipment including snow and ice control, dump truck bodies, the Mulch Mule landscaping innovation tool and salt and sand spreaders at a state-of-the-art manufacturing and upfit facility located in Canton, Ohio. ARM - TruckCorp utilizes the latest CNC burning and forming equipment, assembly lines, finishing and painting systems utilizing 3D computer-aided design.

The Challenge

TruckCorp sought out MAGNET, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, for the center's expertise in operational excellence. TruckCorp wanted to make improvements on the shop floor and train operators to kickstart a new culture of lean disciplines, leading to increased efficiency and promoting business  growth and development. 
Our experience with the Ohio MEP MAGNET Team has been exceptional and has provided visible and tangible results very quickly.
— Nick Ballas, President

MEP's Role

MAGNET staff assessed the current lean culture and trained the TruckCorp. team on areas that needed improvement. MAGNET and TruckCorp. then captured the current state of the production to make expert improvements and inform decision making when laying out the new highly-efficient floor plan. 
Created August 2, 2022