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Planning for increased production and profitability with new laser cutter paves way for future success


Action Group, Inc. (AGI) is a female-owned small business offering full service precision manufacturing. AGI specializes in the manufacture of portable data center (PDC) modules, skids, enclosures and structures for the data storage industry. In addition to offerings in the prefabricated data center line and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) skids, AGI creates custom manufactured parts and components for a wide range of industrial applications and manufacturers.

From large systems to integrated computer system enclosures, electrical bus bars, various sized storage racks & structural weldments, AGI is an industry leader. AGI provides innovative solutions to a wide variety of segments within the steel and metal industrial manufacturing and fabrication sector. AGI has catered to the military, OEM, retail, portable data center industry and other diverse markets for over 38 years

The Challenge

AGI was planning to purchase a new automated laser cutting machine, a Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000, a investment of over $2 million to support a DOD project. Implementation of this automated laser cutter would significantly increase the production capacity and efficiency of AGI. AGI wanted help optimizing this investment and contacted the MEP at Columbus State, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™.
This project with MEP has been such a success. It has been quite a pleasure working with the MEP at CSCC team. We are all looking forward to the installation of the new tube laser.
— Nancy Denute , Owner

MEP's Role

The MEP at Columbus State and its partner Mainspring Solutions worked through the facility optimization exercise with AGI. The critical first step was identifying the optimal location for the equipment. The new equipment, as vital as it is, required relocation of an existing work cell in addition to developing new processes and operational efficiencies for the new laser. This process took three weeks and AGI was able to facilitate the movement of work cells and the facility upgrades (concrete pad) for the new laser.

The result was an enhanced layout that met the AGI workflow and incorporated the new equipment into the production process when it was installed on April 15, 2022.

Created August 3, 2022, Updated July 15, 2023