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Local Ethanol Plant Enhances Quality System With the Help of Nebraska MEP


Midwest Renewable Energy, LLC, is a stand-alone ethanol production facility located in Sutherland, Nebraska, that produces both motor vehicle fuel ethanol and high-grade ethanol for use in many other industrial and technical applications. The 26 MMGPY name plate facility helps create a market for the local agricultural economy by processing 9 million bushels of corn while employing approximately 40 persons.

The Challenge

Nebraska has the nation’s second-largest installed capacity of biobased manufactured ethanol, which contributes approximately 2.5+ billion gallons per year to the U.S. total output. There are 24 agriculturally based ethanol production facilities across the state. Continually changing margins in the industry make it imperative for these plants to innovate and remain competitive. As a prime example, Midwest Renewable Energy was looking for assistance in expediting their FDA cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) Pharmacopeia compliance for its new product streams to meet high grade-ethanol customer demand. The company turned to Nebraska MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, for help.
Nebraska MEP continues to provide valuable hands-on services and training that benefit our operation. Our ISO 09001 quality management system not only enhances our continuous improvement initiatives and demonstrate success in our overall performance, but also opens the doors to new clients who require the certification.
— Bob Witt, QEHS Manager

MEP's Role

Nebraska MEP internal and external experts consulted and certified the plant to the ISO 09001 Quality Management System, fulfilling the company’s new customer and FDA regulatory needs.
Created January 11, 2023