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FastLane Helps Scenic Solutions Survive COVID-19 Shutdown


Scenic Solutions, LLC, located in West Carrollton, Ohio, provides services for the entertainment industry and other entities needing products associated with entertainment, display, themed environments, or custom fabrication.

The Challenge

When COVID-19 shut down the entertainment industry, it halted business for Scenic Solutions. CEO MaryBeth McLaughlin began searching for options to keep their business running. Could there be other industries that could still use their expertise?
Scenic Solutions is grateful for FastLane! The COVID shutdown was a very scary time for our business but we survived thanks to the help we received from FastLane.
— Mary Beth McLaughlin, CEO

MEP's Role

FastLane, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, helped Scenic Solutions to create a strategic plan and gain new business while COVID-19 forced the entertainment industry to completely shut down. FastLane recommended and assisted Scenic Solutions with applying for the Inclusion Grant. The grant gave Scenic Solutions the funds to purchase new equipment. In addition, FastLane introduced Scenic Solutions to the TechCred program. Through this program, Scenic Solutions was able to get funding to train employees and upskill their workforce.
Created October 18, 2022