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Eminence Manufacturing, Inc., Strong on AS9100 and DFARS Cybersecurity

With the help of: Missouri Enterprise


On the outskirts of Mark Twain National Forest in the South-Central Missouri town of Eminence sits an impressive aerospace-focused precision machine shop. Bearing its hometown name, Eminence Manufacturing, Inc., (EMI) was established in 2000 and has been growing ever since, providing precision parts to the aerospace industry in the United States and Canada. EMI established its high-quality credentials as a young company when it received the GKN Aerospace Jet Stream Award for performance and quality in their work as a supplier for military projects. They have also been nominated for the top performing supplier award for GKN Corporations, based in London. They are proudly committed to employing U.S. veterans and dedicated to producing top-quality precision parts for the defense industry.

The Challenge

EMI’s commitment to supplying the aerospace and defense industry requires them to maintain their AS9100 quality certification and to comply with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Cybersecurity standard. These programs take expertise, dedication and commitment to achieve and maintain. Located in a rural community, it can be more difficult to find resource partners and expertise to help a company like EMI achieve these important goals.

Being in rural Missouri, sometimes it’s hard to find the talent and resources you need to help you with high-level manufacturing excellence initiatives. Missouri Enterprise is full of that talent, and by bringing them in for specific initiatives we can reduce our in-house manpower and always have access to the expertise we need - when we need it. They’ve helped us establish, maintain and grow a solid foundation to make us a competitive supplier to the aerospace industry.
— Mike Ennis, President

MEP's Role

Missouri Enterprise, part of the MEP National Network™, is the perfect solution for manufacturing companies like EMI. Their QMS experts came on site and worked with EMI to help them develop the systems they needed to prepare for and achieve their certification in the AS9100 Aerospace standard. “It’s a living document and essentially a rolling program,” says Mike Ennis, President at EMI. “They helped us get certified and we still bring in Missouri Enterprise regularly for our AS9100 audits and to help us stay up to date on changes to the standard.”  Missouri Enterprise’s experts also work with EMI to help them stay compliant with the DFARS Cybersecurity requirement. “They helped us with our first initial DFARS assessment in 2016 and we use them periodically to help us keep our firewall up to speed.”

Created July 29, 2022, Updated May 17, 2023