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Deco Products Uses CIRAS Team to Tackle Internet Marketing


Deco Products Company was founded in 1960 and has been based in Decorah, Iowa. They are the largest standalone dedicated zinc die casting manufacturer in North America. They are also major employer in Winneshiek County, employing 220 people.

The Challenge

Deco Products Company first turned to CIRAS, part of the MEP National Network™, for advice on internet marketing in advance of a long-needed update to the company’s website. That work uncovered the need for a digital marketing strategy. 
Because of the CIRAS team’s work, the amount of opportunities Deco obtains through its website has doubled each of the last three years. We’ve changed the whole structure of our budget around and are confident that we’re much more effective now.
— Dave Magner, Director of Sales and Marketing

MEP's Role

CIRAS first helped Deco assess its needs, then assembled a team to help create a digital-marketing strategy, redevelop and optimize their website for search engines, and execute a pay-per-click strategy. The project quickly moved Deco to the first page of search results for most keywords important to Deco's business.
Created January 24, 2023