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Custom Container Solutions, LLC Surpasses Production Objectives with IMC Support


With locations in both in Milton and Hadley, Pennsylvania, Custom Container Solutions (CCS) is a quality manufacturer of custom and industry standard roll-off, hook lift, and front and rear load steel containers. In the long tradition of Pennsylvania manufacturing, CCS is committed to providing the highest quality products and service to its customers as they work to enhance our environment. Their team of skilled welders and technicians take great pride in producing the most durable and user-friendly containers in the industry.

The Challenge

IMC has been working with an area manufacturer of industrial roll-offs for several years.  Past projects have included operational improvements, ERP selection, HR policies, hiring and selection practices and improved job training. As the company has grown, they transitioned to a larger facility and now have three production lines instead of one.  Each line makes a certain type of unit.

One of the lines makes smaller roll-offs and has proved to be most challenging in terms of reaching desired throughput quotas.  The company asked IMC to provide support for their efforts to improve production results on the small roll-off production line. 

IMC has played a crucial part in the success of CCS – it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. IMC has helped us recognize system failures and ask the right questions of our team members without fear. Jeff, Russ and Jen spent multiple days working with our team digging deeper then we could ever dig because we needed outside eyes to see the problems. By implementing workflow processes that are cyclical, we are able to pull the work down the line versus pushing it down the line, which creates a more efficient and happier workforce which, in turn, increases productivity and reduces absenteeism significantly. As we identify areas of improvement, we utilize IMC and its expertise to improve. We are grateful for the help and we look forward to working with IMC again in the future.
— Chuck Williams, General Manager

MEP's Role

IMC proposed a 3-day value stream mapping (VSM) initiative that would also include the supporting fabrication area. The VSM involved workers and supervisors from both the production line and fabrication along with company management and IMC facilitators. The VSM effort started with a map of the current state of both the fabrication support and the production operations including critical facts and data on task times, wait times, throughput history and layout, sequence and flow. 

A direction and quantitative goals were established, and a future state map was developed. Within the initiative, numerous opportunities for improvement (OFIs) were identified, prioritized and structured to ensure successful implementation. Included were multiple visits to the factory floor by IMC and the company’s team and many coaching opportunities by IMC’s VSM facilitator. The improvements made in fabrication have also led to improved operations for the other production lines.

Created August 4, 2022