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Continuous Improvement Assistance


Metal Solutions, Inc. is located in Vandergrift, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, and currently has 16 full time employees. The company is a premier CNC machine and fabrication shop that produces precision components. As a DBE- and WBE-certified firm, the major industries Metal Solutions serves are architectural, energy, glass container, material handling, medical, mining and transportation.

The Challenge

Metal Solutions needed help expanding the basic understanding of lean manufacturing techniques among the workforce and determining the potential to increase the velocity of how products go through the system efficiently. Leadership turned to Catalyst Connection, part of the Pennsylvania MEP and the MEP National Network™.

The Catalyst Connection staff did a tremendous job at getting buy-in from personnel on the shop floor. They were able to relate lean principles to their everyday tasks. The training provided my employees with an insight on how small changes can make their jobs easier and more efficient, which is a win for the company as a whole.
— Melissa Monarko, President

MEP's Role

After Metal Solutions President Melissa Monarko attended Catalyst Connection's Principles of Lean and Lean Office public trainings she brought Catalyst Connection on-site to provide 5S training for all Metal Solutions employees. After the training implementation was targeted to two areas of the facility. A follow-up meeting was then held at Metal Solutions during which company leadership and Catalyst Connection staff discussed the company’s desire to also bring in KATA coaching and support. As part of this process and addressing concerns about increasing production velocity, value stream mapping of current conditions of product and manufacturing was performed by the Catalyst Connection team and plans were made for engaging the process owners responsible for daily operations.

Created July 15, 2022