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Conn's Potato Chip Company Marketing Video Produces Both Marketing and Compliance Benefits


Conn's Potato Chip Company Inc. of Zanesville, Ohio, manufactures packaged food products. The company offers potato chips as well as other snack food products. Their markets are in Ohio and parts of West Virginia. Conn's employs approximately 30 people.

The Challenge

Conn's Potato Chip Co. was in need of new marketing material, specifically a new video showcasing their products, facility and personnel. Co-owner Tom George was involved in making the decision to proceed with the video. For help the Conn's team contacted OSU South Centers MEP, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™.

The OSU South Centers MEP staff was very knowledgeable and understanding of our situation. The vendor, Nordstrom Films, that they provided was very helpful and knowledgeable. The OSU staff was creative in finding a solution to our problem. I would recommend any manufacturer take the time to work with them and to take advantage of their assistance.
— Tom George, Co-Owner

MEP's Role

The OSU South Centers MEP was able to bring in a third-party provider to complete the work. The provider had previously created a marketing video for the OSU South Centers MEP and the relationship became a great partnership. Nordstrom Films produced and edited two manufacturing virtual tour videos. This was accomplished by spending two half days onsite for production and interviewing onsite employees about their various roles. During this time, they were able to shoot B-roll of facility using drone and traditional video. The final production included editing, a graphics package, and review.


During the shooting and review of the video footage, Conn's noticed some non-compliance issues that needed addressed. The correction of these issues led to the cost savings. The price point the Ohio MEP was able to provide the video also led to the cost savings.

Created October 27, 2022, Updated December 30, 2023