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Cimarron Trailers Expands with New, Efficient Factory


Since 2000, Cimarron Trailers has manufactured what many consider the highest quality equine and livestock transportation trailers. The 100% employee-owned company takes pride in its innovative and highly customizable designs, which has led it to become an industry favorite. With about 120 workers, the firm operates from its headquarters in the rural community of Chickasha, Oklahoma.

The Challenge

Since inception, Cimarron Trailers has enjoyed solid growth and business success. It continued to expand by producing high-quality, well-engineered designs and by offering its clients seemingly endless customization options. Increased demand pushed capacity and physical plant space to the limits. Additionally, the constraints diminished the company’s ability to explore expanded markets and sector growth. For advice, President Ben Jenssen turned to Kyle Robison, a regional business consultant with the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance,part of the MEP National Network™. He has worked with Cimarron on numerous projects and is considered a trusted advisor.

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance continues to be an important partner in our strategic growth. The organization is an excellent and knowledgeable source for manufacturing assistance.

— Ben Jenssen, President

MEP's Role

Robison met with Jenssen and other company leaders to map out options for the firm’s growing production demands. It was determined a major factory expansion was needed. The new space would allow Cimarron to consolidate various manufacturing functions under one roof and free up other buildings for new activities. Plans for a modern 40,000 square-foot factory were launched and Robison called in Rajesh Krishnamurthy and Ben Alexander, applications engineers working for the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance. The two are experts in plant layout and were able to model all of Cimarron’s production systems with computer software. That allowed the group to change different variables without actually shifting physical pieces on the factory floor. It also helped determine what kind of new equipment could be purchased and how it could be used to maximize efficiency. Alexander is currently offering his expertise to help automate various aspects of the manufacturing process.

Created October 28, 2022