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Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance

Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance logo

As a public-private partnership, the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is a vital economic development organization chartered specifically to help existing industry. It includes a field staff of 15 extension agents and three applications engineers with offices in local communities throughout the state. Services reach all 77 counties and focus on improving the bottom line through concepts like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, while growing the entire company through the adoption of new technologies, workforce development, strategic planning and expanded markets. Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is the go-to source for assessing needs and finding solutions available through public and private resources. As part of the national Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the organization is able to leverage federal resources on a local level. We live and work in communities across Oklahoma, taking our support to your workplace on your schedule.

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Success Stories

Access Optics Expands on a Microscopic level

Report Year
With deep technical knowledge and ability, owner Bob Hogrefe built a successful manufacturing business over the course of 20 years. When he had the opportunity to add a new medical micro-optic device to his product portfolio, he was unsure how the process would fit – both physically and logistically – into his existing manufacturing operations. For

Heavybilit Leverages New Technology to Expand

Report Year
Over the years, HMI grew into a well-respected and successful brand across the agricultural and energy industries. But company president Steve Cody always worried about the seasonal demands of his agriculture customers and the cyclical nature of the energy sector. To diversify his business, Cody wanted to explore other markets and build on his

New Plant Layout Boosts Production Capacity

Report Year
When Ann Pate acquired Midwest Cooling Towers in 2014, she found herself with a successful but inefficient manufacturing operation sprawled across 20 acres and numerous buildings. Pate knew the disjointed production flow was affecting her business capacity and threatening growth potential. Midwest Cooling Towers was simply not able to capture all

"The process advancements we’ve made wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance. Their mission to help small businesses is an important role and one that only those in the trenches of a startup or expansion of an established business can fully appreciate."

—Marty Dixon, Owner

Created March 18, 2019, Updated June 2, 2020