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Breaking into eCommerce Mediums


Appanage Fishing is located in Juneau, Alaska, and has two employees. Appanage Fishing makes fishing lures and has two products at this time – Scent Striker and DBS. Scent Striker is a fiber ball with a hole through the center that allows the fishing enthusiasts to slide it on their line or leader and in combination with their favorite bait setup. The fibers hold onto an oil or gel fish attractant and leave behind odors keying fish to the bait. DBS, new this year, is their entry into the fish attractant market.

Their market is the sportfishing community that targets salmon, halibut and other Alaskan game fish in Alaska and across the United States. They are a family-owned business.

The Challenge

The current challenge is learning how to and connecting with customers through e-commerce mediums. Alaska’s high manufacturing cost necessitates consumer-direct sales through digital mediums.
Alaska MEP has been instrumental in bringing e-commerce expertise to Alaska at a price point that is doable for a new startup manufacturing business. Appanage Fishing could never have been able to connect to this level of national expertise without Alaska MEP.
— Don Habeger, President & CEO

MEP's Role

The Alaska MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, brought in a third-party contractor to assist them with breaking through into the digital e-commerce environment. The two-month training consisted of niching down their target customer, deep-diving into social media and SEO, as well as attracting customers to increase sales. 
Created August 2, 2022