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Becker Engineered Systems Plant Layout and 5S


Becker Engineered Systems was founded in 1977 and is located in Hamilton, Ohio. Becker Engineered Systems specializes in custom panel designs and builds to support a variety of industrial applications including speciality chemicals, wastewater treatment, hydronics / aquaponics, metal finishing, and boilers. As a certified WBENC, Becker is backed by decades of experience, and has recently expanded into connected systems and smart controllers as part of their product offerings.  

The Challenge

Becker Engineered Systems, upon completion of a digital maturity assessment, identified several critical business needs. Concurrently, the organization was in the midst of a strategic growth plan designed to expand market penetration and revenue growth. Through the assessment process, several opportunities were identified, including a new facility layout, an IT infrastructure upgrade, a website redesign and improvements to inventory management as well as shipping and receiving operations. For help Becker turned to the TechSolve team, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™.

We made a quantum leap through the services that TechSolve provided. Our business is poised for tremendous future growth thanks to the skill and dedication of our MEP network partner.
— Greg Tankersley, President/CEO

MEP's Role

TechSolve developed a program to evaluate the current facility, establish a redesigned floor plan, and identify needed capital improvements. In addition, the project goal was to further prepare for a redesign of inventory management processes. Through the delivery of the project, Becker Engineered Services doubled the capacity of its business by maximizing the facility floor plan.

The redesign enabled Becker to add $200,000 in expanded inventory, improve assembly work spaces, create a more organized warehousing arrangement, and add office space that enabled the addition of two additional FTEs. TechSolve also supported a review of the current IT infrastructure state, and was able to recommend a strategic realignment of MSP services to create digital redundancies and position the network for future growth. As a result of the project, the company developed new service lines, lowered the cost to produce products, and created more efficient workflows. The layout design also recaptured space for training and professional development.

With the redesign in place, the anticipated growth plan is to double the number of FTE's over the next two years. Finally, Becker Engineered Services made significant investments in facilites improvements as a result of the project outcomes. The comprehensive project outcomes positioned Becker Engineered Services to look beyond sustainability to growth and expansion.

Created October 18, 2022