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Bastian Manufacturing: Website Overhaul

With the help of: Manufacturing Works


Bastian Manufacturing's mission is to be a leader in providing the highest quality metal fabrication services in the Rocky Mountain area. Based in Burns, Wyoming, Bastian does this by focusing on the little things that make for exceptional metal fabrication and client services. These small details add up to make a big difference in the products delivered and the experience provided to clients.

The Challenge

Bastian Manufacturing found itself in a unique position, learning that their current website may be working against them. Word had made it back that a potential new contract and client turned away last minute upon visiting their page. Bastian knew something needed to be done.

This presented the opportunity of a complete website overhaul, and, in doing so, the chance to increase company visibility, brand recognition, and make enhancements to their cybersecurity, came with it.  Being a long-term partner of Manufacturing Works, Bastian turned to the Wyoming Center, part of the MEP National Network™, in search of vetted web design resources.

Bastian Manufacturing has had a long and beneficial relationship with Manufacturing Works. When we started the company in 2011, we attended several functions put on by Manufacturing Works. Not only was this educational but also gave us contacts that we still enjoy today. One of the things we needed most when we started was an accountant that understood what our company was about. We were able to find just the right accountant through Manufacturing Works. Our accountant is still with us today.

Recently we wanted to increase our brand recognition, and broaden our market. Part of that transition was the need for a new website.  We turned to Manufacturing Works who introduced us to an excellent web designer. He created a very comprehensive and attractive site that has certainly gotten attention and has boosted our recognition and cyber presence.

Manufacturing Works has certainly been a significant part of the success that we have enjoyed to date, and we look forward to working with them for a long time to come.

— Dennis Bastian, Owner

MEP's Role

Manufacturing Works, having worked with various web designers in the past, linked Bastian with a vendor that they felt would be a good fit for Bastian's need.  After an introductory call to test the fit between the vendor and Bastian, a scope of work was created and the new website creation underway. Upon completion, a few different boxes were checked; Bastian noticed not only a boost in attention and visibility as planned, but also an enhanced cyber presence that was more secure than before.  

Created February 4, 2023