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AS9100 Implementation Support

With the help of: TMAC


Founded in 1988, V&G Dynamic Machine started as a 2-person, 2-machine operation in a storage unit. Since that time, they have grown to employ 17 people with 16 machines featuring 5-axis machining, 4-axis live tooling turning and CMM quality inspection in a climate-controlled 10,000-square-foot facility in Marble Falls, Texas.

The Challenge

Since 1988, V&G Dynamic Machine has embraced the principles of superior quality and on-time delivery of precision machined parts on a global scale to the aerospace, energy, defense, medical and semiconductor industries. The company had existing ISO9001 documentation, but it was not certified or being used or adding value to their processes. V&G leadership decided to pursue certification and include the AS9100 Rev D standard. The standard sets quality management system requirements by building off general ISO 9001 standards for quality management systems, adding industry-specific guidelines for the safe development, production and distribution of quality aerospace parts and products.

TMAC did an excellent and thorough job helping our CNC machine shop attain AS9100 certification in a short amount of time. Kristin was and continues to be a great teacher for us, making quality management systems seem more logical and less scary than they can appear to be on the surface. Implementation of the system was approached from a practical standpoint that helped all employees understand the processes without making day-to-day operations too burdensome. Our AS9100 certification has helped us become a better business and has been an important aspect of attracting new customers.
— Adam Mansuri, President/ Owner

MEP's Role

TMAC guided V&G Dynamic Machine in creating their AS9100 Rev D compliant quality management system. TMAC first met on site with upper management to establish the purpose and goals of the AS9100 standard. The deliverables of this meeting were the development of a quality policy and the quality manual framework.

Next, TMAC provided coaching and expert guidance to generate base documentation, such as procedures, processes, forms, records, and workflows. Another key area that TMAC helped support was creating the document control and non-conformance management plan. TMAC helped ensure the process satisfied the requirements but remained agile and easy to implement and maintain.

In addition, TMAC provided training for internal auditors. TMAC ensured that V&G had the skills and capabilities to periodically verify they meet the requirements and that they had the ability to use the internal audits as a powerful tool for improving the effectiveness of the quality management system (QMS) and the efficiency of operational processes. Just as TMAC started with upper management, they also ended with upper management. TMAC facilitated a management review meeting held with division leadership to assess the performance of the QMS.

Created February 4, 2023