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WVMEP Supports Internal Audit Process for Client


Dyna-Mix's parent company, Rex-Hide Inc. was founded in 1917, in East Brady, PA. In 1987, Dyna-Mix Custom Mixed Rubber was established in Grafton, West Virginia to meet the needs of a growing custom rubber mixing market. Since then Dyna-Mix has continued to add equipment and technology to support consistent growth. The capacity of custom mixed rubber in both locations is nearly 100 million pounds. Dyna-Mix serves markets in the United States and internationally.

The Challenge

Dyna-Mix maintains an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system as part of its commitment to not only achieve its own internal quality standards but to meet the required quality standards of its customers and to ensure high-quality incoming materials from its supply chain. In accordance with their quality system certification, Dyna-Mix is required to complete annual internal audits of their quality management system and each of its processes.
The WVU Industrial Extension made the ISO 9001 internal audit process easy for us. They maintained a high level of professionalism while also being easy to work with. I look forward to our continued relationship with them.
— Mike Dodrill, Quality Manager

MEP's Role

The WVU Industrial Extension, part of the MEP National Network™, was asked to support this process by providing on-site, internal auditing services. Consultants from the WVU Industrial Extension successfully completed audits of eight processes, as defined by Dyna-Mix’s management system. These included audits of management responsibility, sale/customer service, purchasing, product realization, corrective action, internal audits, design/development, and calibration/preventative maintenance.

Each of these internal audits required approximately four hours to complete and included audit preparation, which includes document reviews and checklist development, employee interviews, process reviews, record reviews, an audit summary report and delivery of a closing meeting. Not only did the project fulfill the requirements that Dyna-Mix has for managing an internal audit program, the insight and guidance provided by the WVU Industrial Extension supports strategic decision making for the company's leadership team.

Created April 23, 2021, Updated July 12, 2021