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Team Building and Art of Auto Repair


Autoliv Inc. is at the forefront of automotive safety technology. Autoliv develops, manufactures, and markets airbags, seatbelts, steering wheels, and other automotive safety products. Their products are sold to all leading car manufacturers worldwide. When a traffic accident occurs, Autoliv products have a few milliseconds to prove themselves, saving the lives of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. A Fortune 500 company, Autoliv Inc. is the result of a 1997 merger of the Swedish company Autoliv AB and the U.S. company Morton ASP. The Autoliv team is dedicated to creating quality, on-time products, and complete customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Autoliv sees its employees as its most valuable resource and remains focused on providing enhanced and improved experiences to improve their skills and abilities. To do this, Autoliv desires to provide their employees valuable ongoing learning experiences and strengthening. Autoliv was seeking an effective team-building exercise that would also bring about added benefits to enhance their financial strength and align their leadership to their Autoliv Production System (APS) and culture. Autoliv opted to conduct several sessions with their leadership to participate in a team-building training offered by iMpact Utah, a sub-recipient of the Utah MEP and part of the MEP National Network™. Autoliv has intentions to expand this training to include additional employee sets in the near future based on the positive results realized.
The benefits of the Pit Crew Challenge training came in two folds for the Autoliv Brigham City facility. The people side- the switching from the physical to the mental side of training maintained great engagement from all participants, helping them to internalize vital concepts such as anyone can make small improvements, providing a simple method to quickly solve problems and making it easy to share recognition.
The results side- the training propelled the kick-off of our 1% improvement workshops throughout the plant. All our leaders have completed improvement workshops, and we have seen positive results in engagement and morale. We have even recognized costs savings as a result of improvements associated with the training. These 1% workshops have caught the eye of executive management who are considering driving this type of concept to other Autoliv facilities.
— Dave Anderson, IBC Plant Manager

MEP's Role

iMpact Utah embarked on a part-performance teams, training with Autoliv’s Utah leadership members. Training sessions were conducted with employee groups of 20-24 individuals over several days and were held on location at the company’s Brigham City facilities. Sessions were done to accommodate day, swing and grave shifts.
Created February 1, 2022