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Strategy and Solution Selling Workshop


OSCO Industries is a medium-to-high volume gray-iron casting foundry, with three plants located in Portsmouth, New Boston and Jackson, Ohio. OSCO specializes in gray-iron castings under 50 pounds. 

The Challenge

Osco uses in-house sales representatives and well as manufacture reps. The manufacture reps are located all across the country. Osco needed to conduct sales training without staff needing to travel to attend due to the risks imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. For help, they contacted OSU South Centers MEP, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™. 

The OSU South Centers MEP staff was very knowledgeable and understanding of our situation. The trainer they provided was very helpful and knowledgeable. The OSU staff was creative in finding a solution to our problem. I would recommend any manufacturer take the time to work with them and to take advantage of their assistance.
— Tom Kayser, Sales & Marketing Manager

MEP's Role

OSU South Centers MEP broke the traditionally instructor-led workshop into four sessions delivered in a virtual environment. Participants learned to identify, engage, and grow strategic accounts that turn into profitable and sustainable business relationships. The virtual sales training program allowed all of Osco's salespeople the opportunity to participate without having to travel. Participants walked away with a renewed inspiration for the work that they do and practical tools that will help them grow the business. 
Created October 28, 2021