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Sinking Their Teeth into the Dental Industry: Platypus Expands into New Devices


A Better Way of Life, Inc. is small but mighty dental device manufacturer in Missoula, Montana. Formed just 13 years ago in 2008, it is best known for producing Platypus© orthodontic flossers and toothbrushes, designed specifically for people with braces, and now sold by pharmacies and other retailers across the country. Its expansion plans include the design and development of a broader range of devices to equip orthodontic, dental, and medical offices. 

The Challenge

Currently, A Better Way of Life is developing a negative pressure device which can be used to protect both patients and practitioners from airborne microbes during dental appointments. After designing the prototype, the company needed assistance locating supplies to move into production. Ideally, management wanted to work with local vendors to speed time to market. For help they turned to MMEC, part of the MEP National Network™.
As we grow as a business, I would like to learn even more about the Center to possibly increase our working relationship and utilize what they truly have to offer, over and above what we have to-date. Thank you all!
— Fred Van de Perre, President

MEP's Role

MMEC business advisors helped the company identify both primary supply sources and sub-contractors that had the capacity and availability for quick build of prototypes and potentially regular sales in the long-term. A Better Way of Life has contracted with Diversified Plastics – also of Missoula – to manufacture the device, fulfilling its goal of creating a local partnership to keep production and more of the economic benefits within the community. Company President Fred Van de Perre looks forward to more collaborations with Montana companies and MMEC in the future.
Created July 31, 2021, Updated July 16, 2022