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Sales Process and Inbound Marketing: A Plan for Growth


NaviTek Machining Corp., a subsidiary of NaviTek Group and located in Erie, Pennsylvania, is a manufacturer of precision machined components for a variety of industrial markets, including automotive, medical, electronic, consumer, energy and aerospace- to name a few. With available services ranging from engineering and design, to prototyping, and through production and quality inspection, NaviTek Machining has the capabilities and experience to be a full-service, value-added resource to meet original equipment manufacturer’s precision component needs. 

The Challenge

NaviTek Owner, Harvey Downey, had a goal to improve the valuation of the company by substantially increasing revenues over the next five years. He historically managed the majority of sales, including closing new business opportunities with an impressive 46% lead conversion rate. However, the selling process was becoming more challenging and traditional sales methods, such as cold calling by phone or in-person were no longer as effective, and adding sales staff was not helping. The majority of NaviTek Machining’s recent new customers were derived from either word of mouth or engineers familiar with NaviTek Machining’s capabilities. The company’s website was not effective at reaching prospective customers and they were not using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to organize, track, and manage leads and prospects. 
The work that was done to NaviTek’s marketing and business development programs before I came on made it very easy for me to hit the ground running almost immediately upon my hire. Starting during a pandemic came with some unique challenges. Consequentially, I knew I wanted to do things a little unconventionally, and our digital presence and capabilities were an integral part of that. I am so grateful for the time and effort that has been put in which has allowed me to move so seamlessly into my role here at NaviTek.
— Meghan McMahon, Business Development Manager

MEP's Role

Following discovery meetings, NWIRC, part of the Pennsylvania MEP and the MEP National Network™, recommended a digital marketing partner to work with NaviTek to create an efficient internal business development infrastructure, including formal marketing tools to optimize its website, developing buyers’ personas and marketing platforms that will attract targeted potential buyers. The project involved website migration and an inbound marketing jumpstart program to focus on lead generation efforts. This work also established a CRM system for improved tracking and management of leads. 

NaviTek was also able to bring in a new business development manager, Meghan McMahon. With innovative prospecting tactics developed by both Harvey and Meghan and executed with the help of the tools from the NWIRC project, NaviTek expects toi see a good amount of new business generated n the upcoming months. In addition, quotes have come in via increased traffic to the website, thanks to the search engine optimization techniques implemented (such as website updates and regular blog posting).

Created July 21, 2021