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Productivity Improvements


Shelby is a small manufacturer of folding paperboard boxes from purchased paperboard, including folding sanitary food boxes or cartons. 
The Shelby Company was founded in1923 in Shelby, Ohio. Shelby was located in a few thousand square feet in The Shelby Electric Lamp Works building, which contained well over 100,000 square-feet of manufacturing space. In the early 1930's, Shelby relocated to Cleveland. As Shelby grew, the company required additional manufacturing space and in the early 1950's moved to a larger space in Cleveland, and in 1968, Shelby built a new, permanent home which remains in to this day, in Westlake, Ohio. They employee less than 50 people at their one facility in Westlake. 

The Challenge

There were inefficiencies in the pre-press department, the start of all production processes, resulting in delays and cost issues. The legacy printing press is used on many products, and it did not have the ability to provide an accurate part count, resulting in over/under production, including reruns and scrap.
MAGNET has provided great value and ROI on the projects they completed in both the pre-press area and the legacy press. 
Based on this success, I have engaged on 2 additional projects with MAGNET,  productivity improvements in the stripping/flat pack area and supervisor/continuous improvement training for a key supervisor.
— Matthew Tousley, Vice President

MEP's Role

MAGNET, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, created a new efficient layout for the pre-press area, by first process mapping the area to gain an understanding of the issues, and then the new layout was created which improved flow and productivity. The new layout provided optimized working areas and storage areas, resulting in improved flow, decreased lead time and costs.

MAGNET installed IIOT sensor and data quantification software on the legacy press which now tracks downtime on the press as well as real time part count. This has resulted in increased capacity, reduced downtime and cost savings.
Created November 2, 2021