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Oregon Door Manufacturer Improved Productivity and Efficiency


Oregon Door is a leading manufacturer of quality flush interior architectural wood doors. They offer a complete product line to meet the most diverse uses and exacting standards. Oregon Door’s success is the result of years of delighting customers. As an organization, they serve architects, systems integrators, developers, distributors, contractors, and design/build teams, by not only creating quality products but also providing quality service quickly and hassle-free.

The Challenge

Oregon Door's management team has a long tradition of focusing on process improvement. They sought out OMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, to continue their lean training with a special focus on materials management and the flow of doors through the plant.
When Brian and I began to explore the option of using OMEP to help with my initiatives here at Oregon Door I was very pessimistic. My past experience with other lean consultants was they would come in, give some base information, point out all your failures, and then leave. Subsequent reviews were always a beat down on what was still wrong. I am very glad that you and OMEP do not operate in that manner. To have OMEP truly come alongside and partner with us, to get down in the trenches with us, has been both refreshing and rewarding. It has been hard work, but we can all see the progress that has been made since we began this journey together. The partnering is such a critical element to the success. I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Yvonne and OMEP. Looking forward to the continued journey!
— Kevin Hansen, Operations Manager

MEP's Role

OMEP partnered with Oregon Door on several key initiatives designed to eliminate waste and improve flow through hour-by-hour and on-time delivery. Beginning with the value stream mapping process, the team mapped out current state, set a desired future state and built an implementation plan. They focused especially on the areas of inventory, flow, and the sales order process.

The team began by conducting a current state review of inventory to reduce materials shortages and improve point of use. Additionally, they focused on 5S and 9 Waste training for all teams and departments. Lean principles were applied to administrative areas, from sales to scheduling. Through the value stream mapping process, it was discovered that moving the skin grading work center closer to the layup team would allow for better materials flow.

The team reconfigured and applied 5S to the skins warehouse. The improvement allowed the team to find materials in 60 seconds or less and eliminate obsolete and low-use materials. Oregon Door's management has made significant improvements in production efficiency, lead time and quality. Oregon Door is poised for continuous growth and success on their lean journey.

Created August 4, 2021