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Modular Home Manufacturer Sets the Foundation for Improved Workflow, Safety and Efficiency


Located in Moosic, Pennsylvania, Signature Building Systems is a modular home manufacturer founded in 1992 by experts in systems-build housing. Signature has become a leader along the eastern seaboard in creating custom-designed homes while collaborating with numerous parties, including developers, homeowners, investors, architects and interior designers.

Signature offers its clients classic modular floor plans, as well as customized and tailored designs to meet their most demanding requirements. Signature’s additional expertise includes building multi-family residences, apartment complexes and housing developments. Its large offsite commercial project experience includes custom hotels and motels, assisted living facilities, townhouses and senior communities. Signature’s portfolio boasts over 5,000 quality homes that have provided exceptional value and savings to residential and commercial buyers alike.

In 2021, Signature received the 2021 Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in two categories, presented by the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Building Systems Councils (BSC). The annual Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence are judged by an independent panel of industry experts. Recipients were recognized for excellence in a range of categories, such as floor plan designs categorized by systems-built type and square footage.

The Challenge

In response to growing demand for housing, Signature Building Systems was seeking to improve its manufacturing processes, eliminate bottlenecks, improve workflow, reduce processing time and reduce processing wastes.  

I really appreciate all the help and services the NEPIRC team provides. With their assistance, we increased our production efficiency, and our employees are now much more customer focused. The results of these engagements also helped me become a stronger leader and our team has improved tremendously as well.
— Mr. Craig Landri, President, Signature Building Systems

MEP's Role

Signature Building Systems knew that NEPIRC’s team of experts, part of the Pennsylvania MEP and the MEP National Network™, was exactly who they needed to partner with to solve the issues the company was facing. After meeting with Signature to review the current state of its manufacturing process, NEPIRC advised that the best solution set was sub-process mapping followed by the application of very specific industry-appropriate lean enterprise techniques that NEPIRC had become aware of through its national network of Manufacturing Extension Partnership affiliates and eventual launch of a strategic lean enterprise improvement strategy. The company also agreed to a value stream mapping engagement within their residential product family, which would include a current state map, future state map and customized action plan. 

Created November 16, 2021