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MAGNET assists Deca Manufacturing grow their business


DECA Manaufacturing is a fully integrated wire harness and cable assembly contract manufacturer established in 1976 and located in Lexington Ohio. They have 25 employees and one facility with 33,000 square feet of shop floor space.

The Challenge

Currently DECA Manufacturing is challenged with reaching the next level of sales growth. They require support with lean manufacturing implementation, systems and processes development for administration, and brought their organizational expansion to include sales, marketing and lead generation, etc. For help they turned to MAGNET, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™.
I have found MAGNET to be very helpful and supportive in a manner that seems genuine and it helps me stay confident as an entrepreneur.  Manufacturing is not easy but once we get all pieces in place I believe we will go from being a job shop/contract manufacturer to a higher valued use likely in the form of an OEM that designs and builds our own products using the means of production we developed with the help of MAGNET. Long story short I believe their work will yield solid economic returns short and long-term.
— Cameron Haring, President

MEP's Role

MAGNET has supported DECA Manufacturing with the development of high impact operations consulting that has lead to higher throughput and lower labor content for part i.e. productivity solutions. Additionally MAGNET is designing inventory systems and preparing to role out a training program for new employees.
Created July 31, 2021