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Machining Knowledge Base Improvement Workshops


Rhinestahl Advanced Manufacturing is a privately-held business located in Mason, Ohio. Rhinestahl Corporation employs more than 130 people located in two locations in Mason as well as personnel around the world.  At Rhinestahl AMG, operations, engineering, and quality are a collaborative team sharply focused on delivering higher levels of expertise, insight, and innovation. Rhinestahl applies this collaborative approach to their capabilities in advanced machining, precision grinding, complex fabrication, and assembly.

The Challenge

In the changing world of manufacturing, Rhinestahl saw a need for their highly skilled workforce to keep pace with the increasing complexity brought on by the needs of their cutomers. Executive leaders, operations leaders, and shop supervisors all recognized a need to think outside of the box to train their workforce. Rhinestahl turned to Techsolve, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, for help.
TechSolve was a valued partner in facilitating meaningful career training for our employees in several technical areas of our advanced manufacturing business. The collaborative nature of the TechSolve group in the design of the program with our technical and manufacturing leaders was key to the tangible success of the program. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with TechSolve more in the future.  
— Shelley Scott, Human Resource Generalist

MEP's Role

In partnership with TechSolve, Rhinestahl's HR team, along with operations, engineering, programming, and machining experts, collaborated to establish training workshops and content that would have immediate impact in the ability to service customers' highly complex machining and engineering needs.  

TechSolve also worked with Rhinestahl's technical experts in programming, engineering, and machining to create 5-axis machining training that included in-person workshops on material science, material processing and machinability in 5-axis. These were interactive workshops combining textbook content, lecture, and group collaborative discussions. These workshops and this investment in Rhinestahl employees demonstrated Rhinestahl's commitment to personal growth and career advancement. Twenty-eight machinists, technicians and programmers earned their National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) materials and machining credential largely due to the training received in these sessions.  

Created February 1, 2022