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Lean Manufacturing & Supply Chain Training Helps PRIER Thrive with Sustained Growth.

With the help of: Missouri Enterprise


Located in Grandview, Missouri, PRIER manufactures residential outdoor faucets, commercial and ground hydrants, plumbing brass, drainage products and specialty valves. Since its beginnings in 1881, PRIER has earned a reputation for providing top-tier products with outstanding customer service and industry-leading turnaround times. The company has continued to grow its operations in the Kansas City area with three facilities in its production campus. PRIER prides itself on being a mass-custom shop that produces a wide array of products for wholesalers and retailers yet maintains the ability to meet customized needs. Among the newest innovations are sanitary roof and bury hydrants with specialized features to maximize performance in harsh rooftop and underground environments.

The Challenge

In 2007, PRIER acquired the plumbing valve division from a major company and immediately had to double its production capacity as quickly as possible. Since that time, the company has been growing and expanding rapidly, requiring it to continuously improve the efficiency of its operations to keep up with demand while maximizing product quality and company profitability. With supply chain issues now more important than ever, PRIER also needed to strengthen its supplier relationships and manage risk more efficiently to ensure the smooth flow of materials required for production. It strives to process orders and ship it out the door within eight working hours.
PRIER has turned to Missouri Enterprise repeatedly over the years because they’re experts at helping us successfully implement proven manufacturing best practices to maximize our production efficiencies, enhance quality and grow profitably. They’ve helped us be innovative in providing new product solutions for customers, and they’ve provided excellent training to strengthen our supply chain management skills. Their project managers have the “been there done that” experience we need to tackle big challenges and implement positive changes quickly and efficiently.
— Jeff Madden, Marketing

MEP's Role

Ever since PRIER began experiencing tremendous growth about 15 years ago, it has consistently turned to Missouri Enterprise, part of the MEP National Network™, for professional, expert guidance to help them overcome challenges in its ongoing journey to manufacturing excellence. First projects included plant layout design and value stream mapping which helped PRIER dramatically reduce material travel throughout its production facilities. The next steps included facilitating multiple lean manufacturing initiatives at the company, including standard work instructions and standard operating procedures, lean simulation training, 5S and more. Missouri Enterprise’s expert project managers have also provided product development expertise, assisting PRIER with critical product redesigns and new product innovations. Multiple individuals at PRIER have also enhanced their supply chain management skills through Missouri Enterprise’s APICS training programs as they worked their way to achieving CPIM certifications.
Created October 28, 2021