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Lean Improvements

With the help of: Manufacture Nevada


Electronics manufacturing is NAS Electronics’ core competency and has been for over thirty years. Hiring some of the best and brightest in the industry, the NAS team has produced some of the most forward-looking, iconic products and solutions used by millions of Americans every day. From telecommunications builds to complex aerospace projects, their manufacturing scope is vast – and with each new industry they enter, they add more dedicated, thoughtful, and impressive people to their 34-person-strong team!

NAS’s end-to-end manufacturing expertise, strong supplier relationships, and extensive industry knowledge can quickly expand a client’s capabilities without the accompanying overhead or headaches. NAS’s state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing facility allows them to produce tens of thousands of printed circuit boards (PCBs) every month while maintaining impeccable standards. One of the most prestigious electronics manufacturing firms in the United States, NAS provides enterprise clients and startup organizations the manufacturing services they need to get to market quickly and cost-effectively.

The Challenge

To set themselves apart as a leader in electronics manufacturing, NAS was looking to increase product throughput with shorter lead times and less rework. 

At NAS, we turn BIG ideas into revolutionary products and the Lean transformation provided by NVIE enabled us to do so faster and more efficiently for our clients!
— Jeff Wayne, CEO

MEP's Role

Nevada Industry Excellence, part of the MEP National Network™, was able to deliver the necessary training and facilitation - coupled with coaching and implementation. This ensured that a retainable and sustainable knowledge base would be built amongst the team members at NAS.

First the team learned to apply and refine lean techniques within the manufacturing processes, reducing lead times, improving data collection, increasing capacity and quality, and improving speed of machine set-up. This improved production run times by 6-8 days, reduced over-time pay, and allowed for adding services including potting, blackout coating, and nano-coatings.

NAS was about to increase production staff wages by 20-25% on average and increase annual sales by 58% without increasing headcount. The company gained local industry recognition and local clients in Southern Nevada. NAS also expanded into international markets in Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Lithuania, as well as into new market segments, including automotive and consumer electronics. The increased accuracy and efficiency allowed NAS to add “Re-work as a Service” as a new profit center.

Created October 20, 2021