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Improving Efficacy at Fierce Firearms


Fierce Firearms was established in 2012.  Fierce Firearms introduced their monumental new rifle, the Edge, in 2014. That rifle embodies the supreme combination of features a bolt action rifle can offer. Fierce uses modern, space-age materials, which keep rifles light without compromising performance or accuracy. They lead the industry with advanced manufacturing technology and procedures that produce components that are precise and to the tightest tolerances available in firearms. They are confident in their rifles and guarantee a ½-inch, 3-shot group at 100 yards with every Edge model and every rifle that goes out the door. A target is included for proof of accuracy. With their new and advanced C3 carbon barrel technology, it is easy to see that “the original” is not always “the best.”

The Challenge

Fierce’s owner wanted to further improve quality in the company's product set. He wanted two of his employees to attend a Six Sigma Green Belt course offered by iMpact Utah, a partner in the Utah-MEP, part of the MEP National Network™.
As a rural Utah company, we appreciate all of the resources provided by iMpact Utah and the Utah-MEP. They have been willing to visit us personally several times. The tour of another company they organized was a valuable way for us to see things in action that we were able to then implement in our own way. 
— Ryan Doty, Controller

MEP's Role

iMpact Utah delivered the Six Sigma Green Belt course and started a Green Belt project with Fierce. Following a site visit to Fierce to determine more business needs, they invited Fierce to tour another operation that had implemented a Kanban system, which Fierce was able to begin at their location. iMpact Utah also delivered COVID-related resources to assist with the purchase of machinery, shelving, and bins.


The engagements resulted in many positive outcomes including increased quality, a new R&D stock project, improved ordering through the Kanban system, and purchase of new machinery.

Created July 28, 2021