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Gibson Guitars Expands Montana Production Facility


Gibson Brands is internationally known for crafting iconic guitars for more than 100 years. Less widely known – not all of its musical instruments are produced at its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1989, Gibson established a manufacturing facility in Bozeman, Montana. At this site, well over 100 full-time employees focus on the production of acoustic guitars, using a combination of traditional techniques done by hand and advanced manufacturing processes on custom-built machinery.

The Challenge

Over the last few years, demand has increased significantly for Gibson’s acoustic guitars. In 2019, management began planning an expansion at the Bozeman facility that would increase production capacity by more than 100%. The proposal required approval by the Board of Directors, who requested presentation of a detailed, data-driven investment case.  To avoid delays in starting the expansion, management officials had a very short timeframe to gather information and create a convincing Board presentation.

MMEC took on this project on very short notice and did a tremendous job in aligning to the timeframe. This included some very long days and weekend work. The expertise, flexibility and commitment to the timeframe were very much appreciated. We could not have done it without MMEC.

— Josh Taborski, General Manager

MEP's Role

Gibson General Manager Josh Taborski worked with MMEC Senior Business Advisor Alistair Stewart and team, to develop the investment case for the Board of Directors. MMEC, part of the MEP National Network™, assembled a team to address capacity and engineering issues, and partnered with Gibson to provide analysis, planning and project support. The MMEC team and Gibson worked intensely, preparing a thorough presentation to the Board in only five weeks.The investment case was approved, and Gibson has begun its plant expansion and modernization initiatives. Gibson plans to hire many new workers, with competitive wages and other benefits, including a brand new onsite daycare facility for children of employees.
Created June 2, 2021, Updated July 12, 2021