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DVIRC Helps Germantown Tool Generate $6M in new Revenue Through Market Expansion


Germantown Tool and Manufacturing (GTM) is a fabricated metal manufacturing operation based in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. The company offers a variety of stamping, welding, fabricating, assembly, and tool and die capabilities. GTM has had a longstanding relationship with DVIRC of nearly 17 years and has been a staple of the manufacturing industry in the Delaware Valley since 1955.

The Challenge

GTM’s leaders identified a need to diversify their client base after a careful analysis of their current revenue sources. At the time, nearly 50% of their contract manufacturing came from a single company, a manufacturer of landscape equipment found in many big box retail centers. Growth was not increasing as quickly as leadership envisioned, and the company’s leaders realized that they needed to seek out new market opportunities that still aligned with the company’s capabilities and competencies.
DVIRC has been instrumental in helping us launch our Artisan Metal division. We are especially pleased with all the support for building our website. We look forward to continued collaboration.
— Dave Stahl, Vice President/General Manager

MEP's Role

GTM turned to DVIRC, part of the Pennsylvania MEP and the MEP National Network™, for help diversifying the company’s revenue sources and seeking new markets in which to grow the business. DVIRC’s research revealed that GTM should develop a new subsidiary to market to consumers of fine, luxury, and decorative designs. Through DVIRC’s assistance, GTM developed Artisan Metal (AM), positioned and branded for clients who want custom fabrications, artistic metal designs, laser cut and decorative panels.

This new target market has little overlap with GTM’s existing manufacturing, welding and tooling customer base. The new company proved to be a tremendous success, and has grown to become 25% of the GTM’s overall revenue. Along with helping identify this niche market, DVIRC worked with GTM to develop an e-commerce web presence and organize a digital marketing campaign to capitalize on GTM’s own progress. Today, DVIRC continues to work with GTM’s Artisan Metal division as an outsourced marketing arm for their business.

Created April 21, 2023