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Britz & Company: All Hands on Deck to Locate a Particle Counter and Unlock New International Opportunities

With the help of: Manufacturing Works


Britz & Company of Wheatland, Wyoming, has a management team with more than 75 combined years of experience in the laboratory animal science and biomedical research industry. The team has a clear understanding of the current animal care issues that affect the housing of captive animals in a research environment.  With their knowledge base, Britz & Company designs, develops, manufactures and installs a comprehensive line of animal housing systems and animal care products for the biomedical research industry.

The Challenge

Last year, Britz & Company developed a new biosafety enclosure and completed a large sale to a biotech firm in the Republic of Korea. The requirements of the deal included a comprehensive factory acceptance test (FAT) on each enclosure to verify the performance of the HEPA filtration system. To validate a HEPA filtration system, specialized and expensive testing equipment is required. One device that is required is a machine to generate particles as small as 0.3 µm to challenge the filters. Another device is then needed to monitor and quantify the number of 0.3 µm particles in the exhaust air (upstream) from the HEPA filter. This type of test equipment is not uncommon but it is very expensive (>$50,000).  

Britz & Company knew they needed this equipment to complete the FAT, but a $50,000+ investment in test equipment did not seem like a good business decision. Britz & Company decided to look for "rental" equipment around the state and found that the University of Wyoming's atmospheric sciences team had test equipment that would meet their needs. However, getting this device to the Britz and Company factory in Wheatland became a real challenge. 

We are grateful for the team at Manufacturing Works and at the University. We consider them partners in our business at a number of different levels. We encourage other Wyoming manufacturers to learn how these resources can help their business.
— William Britz, CEO & President

MEP's Role

With Manufacturing Work’s relationship and ties to the University of Wyoming, locating the proper channels to request the particle counter took no time at all. Manufacturing Works, part of the MEP National Network™, then planned and executed on-time delivery of the equipment to meet customer deadlines for Britz & Company. 

William Britz, the CEO and President of Britz and Company said, “We have been a long time user of the services provided by Manufacturing-Works (and previously MAMTC). In this case, the team at Manufacturing Works set their schedules aside on short notice to give us a hand. As a result, we were able to complete our FAT obligation in a timely manner.  In fact, we were able to have all the equipment ready and running in time for an on-site visit by the customer's representative that had traveled to Wyoming from the Republic of Korea. The client was very impressed by the equipment and test performance. And we are now in consideration for yet another sizeable equipment order with our Republic of Korea client!”

Created January 28, 2022