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Training Within Industry Job Instruction Helps Company Retain Sales, Hire and Retain Employees and Reduce Costs


Bryce Corporation is an integrated manufacturer producing graphics, print media, and applying a broad array of converting technologies. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Bryce Corporation is a 4th generation family business conceived in the early 1920s. The Searcy, Arkansas, location has 450 employees and is involved in the manufacture of paper bag and coated and treated paper.

The Challenge

Due to changing workforce dynamics, Bryce Corporation of Searcy, Arkansas, saw a need for a more structured approach to training employees. Existing training methods for hiring, developing, and retaining its employees were no longer successful. Bryce contacted Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions (AMS), part of the MEP National Network™, for help.
The Training Within Industry Job Instruction program taught by AMS helped us to retain sales dollars, hire and retain employees, and reduce costs by establishing new best practices for training our employees.
— Jimmy Swain, Plant Manager

MEP's Role

AMS provided a 2 hour Training Within Industry Job Instructions (TWI JI) overview for the leadership team. Seeing the potential value in the program, Bryce requested that a 3 day TWI JI session be taught to their team. The training was designed to develop basic stability of processes (standard work) and teach the method of instructing an operator how to perform a job correctly, safely and conscientiously. Utilizing the Training Within Industry Job Instruction program, 10 hours of material was taught over a three day period, along with 14 hours of factory floor implementation.
Created August 4, 2022