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Sales & Marketing Program Opens Pathways to New Opportunities to Grow the Business


Metzer Farms is a family-owned farm and hatchery, managing all aspects of nutrition, breeding, selection, incubation, and hatching of the highest quality day-old birds. Since 1972 they have used an environmentally friendly cage-free traditional approach to hatching and raising 19 breeds of ducks and 16 breeds of geese, as well as gamebirds and chickens.

The Challenge

For some years Metzer Farms experienced only minor increases in revenue and wanted to accelerate sales growth via its ecommerce website. Metzer had started to lose online market share to larger competitors with better resources and superior positioning in major search engines. The seasonal nature of their business added further challenges in generating more revenue, so in Q4 2019 the company's founder John Metzer and General Manager Marc Metzer requested California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC), part of the MEP National Network™, assist in reviewing opportunities for improving online sales and growing the business.

We are very satisfied. CMTC was easy to work with and we received excellent results.
— John Metzer, Owner

MEP's Role

CMTC performed competition and market research, conducted a thorough audit of client’s website and product lines, and analyzed the effectiveness of the company’s marketing strategy. As a result, a strategic sales and marketing program was developed and deployed to maximize sales growth by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) procedures to client’s ecommerce website, email marketing, and developing new channels for sales by running awareness and acquisition Facebook ads campaigns. CMTC also provided data-driven consulting advice and training to authorized company staff on how to grow the customer base, optimize budgets and minimize ad-spend.

As a result of the SEO program the performance of the client’s website in major search engines has improved and its ability to rank well for specific keywords phrases in targeted locations has significantly increased. The total number of site visits increased 655.23% (from 14,588 to 110,173) and the number of new site users increased 624.56% (from 10,369 to 75,130). The number of visits via organic searches increased 1,887.55% (from 2,875 to 57,142) and the traffic from social channels increased 4,016.67% (from 78 to 3,211).

As a result of the email marketing strategy utilizing various data points and advanced segmentation models, the improved brand awareness and increased number of leads has been achieved. Over one thousand new subscribers added themselves to the client’s mailing list via the website newsletter subscription pop-up form. Four email campaigns were launched resulting in 1,826 new users visiting the client’s website.

Created October 20, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021