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Sable Systems International improves Bottom Line with Training

With the help of: Manufacture Nevada


Sable Systems International develops and manufactures leading-edge analytical measurement systems for life science and biomedical studies in metabolic and exercise physiology, animal behavior and neuroscience. The company was founded in 1987 by scientists who were literally pulled into business by the demand of the research community for innovative tools to enable discovery of animal and ultimately human responses to changes in their environment or lifestyle, to medical interventions and to personalized fitness activity. The Sable team of scientists, application engineers and technical support specialists differentiate the company with experience and expertise in the fields of physiological, biomedical, neuroscience, ingestive nutritional and personalized fitness applications. Sable’s 53 employees are dispersed worldwide. Their products enable the highest precision and resolution, optimum workflow and reliable performance. Scientists at prestigious institutions from Harvard to Max Planck, the Chinese Academy of Science to pharmaceutical companies researching COVID-19 vaccine efficacy rely on Sable technology for their research needs.

The Challenge

Sable Systems wanted to improve quality assurance practices, eliminate error based warranty work in the client laboratories around the world, as well as improve field installation time.
Nevada Industry Excellence made the onsite training process seamless by vetting instructors, customizing content to meet employee needs, coordination of times material and equipment.  Once again, my statewide MEP has exceeded my expectations. They are themselves able innovators in the development of programs that are a key resource for our professional development needs.
— Robbin Turner, CEO

MEP's Role

Sable Systems International once again turned to Nevada Industry Excellence, their trusted advisor for over 15 years.  As a team, training in Root Cause Analysis, Standard Work and Quality at the Source was implemented as well as a survey of frontline employees training requests. Key employees received both Fundamental of Soldering and customized Basics of Electronics training from a qualified instructor (who also made a cake!)
Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021