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Product Testing Helps Retain Sales


Foraged & Found is a Ketchikan, Alaska, company sourcing non-traditional, local food ingredients that are manufactured into delicious food products that the average American household will enjoy. The company is women-owned and employees three women.

The Challenge

Foraged & Found needed testing for regulatory compliance. The company needed this to be able to continue to sell to the public. 

Chris Sannito and his team reviewed our scheduled processes and test samples of our products in their food testing lab to ensure that they are within the limits required to produce a food-safe product. We have also participated in the Better Process Control School and the HAACP Certification Courses (I & II) that they offer. We send them a sample of every single SKU we produce for a process authority letter. We do this every time we reformulate and/or change our packaging, in order to be compliant with FDA/DEC regulations.
We are very appreciative of Chris, Brian Himelbloom, and the Alaska Sea Grant/ Alaska MEP organization for the services they provide us.
— Jenn Brown, Owner

MEP's Role

Alaska MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, provided a process review via the states process authority team, doing PH testing on 13 SKU items. The team reviewed scheduled processes and test samples, as well as putting staff through HAACP Certification Courses (I & II) to ensure Forage & Found remain up to date with food safety procedures.

Created November 7, 2020, Updated July 16, 2022