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Petersen Inc. Pit Crew Challenge


Petersen Inc. is a state-of-the-art facility, offering complete fabrication, advanced manufacturing, and machining services that are ideal for nuclear, petrochemical, aerospace, mining, and industrial projects, equipment, and parts. They are headquartered in Ogden, Utah, and are proud to be an employee-owned business with approximately 600 employees.

The Challenge

Petersen Inc. is very employee conscious and remains focused on the ever enhanced and improved employee experience. In part because of their desire to provide their employee's valuable ongoing learning experiences and strengthening, Petersen Inc. was seeking an effective team-building exercise that would also bring about added benefits to enhance their financial strength and align all employees effectively to the Petersen Operating Way. Petersen Inc. opted to have each of their 600 employees participate in a team-building training offered by iMpact Utah, a sub-recipient partner of the University of Utah (UofU) MEP  and part of the MEP National Network™.

The Pit Crew Challenge training was an amazing experience for our team! Having been involved in multiple trainings in my career, I can easily say this was the best training I have experienced. Not only was it fun and engaging for our entire employee base, but the benefits that came because of this experience have been innumerable. After several months, our teams continue to refer to and rely on the concepts that were learned in this team-building experience.
— Bryan Crowell, COO

MEP's Role

iMpact Utah embarked on a partnership with Petersen Inc. to conduct their Pit Crew Challenge – Building High-Performance Teams – training with all 600 employees. In a pit crew challenge, teams work together seamlessly to accomplish meaningful goals. Participants learn continuous improvement and accountability principles through a hands-on pit crew simulation, developing the capacity to apply these principles to their company's production, strategy, execution and leadership development challenges through a logistical challenge exercise. Training sessions were conducted with employee groups of 24 individuals over several weeks. Sessions were done to accommodate day, swing, and grave shifts.

Created February 4, 2021, Updated July 12, 2021