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Lean Training Boosts Twintec Inc. Sales to Double Digits

With the help of: Impact Washington


Founded by Steve and Christian Burrows and headquartered in Auburn, Washington, Twintec, Inc. is a small machine shop that manufactures precision made, multi-tube connectors for quick connect and disconnects of pneumatic and air hose applications, providing efficient and reliable one-touch installation and removal of nylon and polyurethane tubing.

The Challenge

Twintec, Inc. was challenged with how to amplify their business and maintain quality service, while working in a small space. A critical area to address included ongoing preventative maintenance to keep their machines in good working order, since unplanned downtime could affect production lead time and potentially the quality of the company’s parts. An additional concern was the need to stay compliant with ISO 9000 and AS 9100.

Twintec Inc.’s owners were familiar with some of the local manufacturing extensions after attending a trade show seminar in Portland. They recognized the potential benefits this kind of training could have for their company and engaged Impact Washington, part of the MEP National Network™, for help. 

Impact Washington and its partners have been instrumental in leading Twintec, Inc. into a new realm of sales and profit growth. Our customers and vendors have enjoyed a higher quality relationship with us since we formalized our quality and management systems. Particularly helpful was Impact Washington's ability to help us recognize how large of a market we are serving, making us more aware of the tremendous opportunities that await us! I firmly believe that companies of any size could highly benefit from Impact Washington's offerings.
— Steve Burrows, Owner

MEP's Role

The team’s preliminary gap analysis of Twintec Inc.’s quality management system (QMS) revealed that the company was working at 80% compliant with ISO’s standards. As a result, the team recommended focusing on being even more compliant by aiming for AS 9100’s standards. Management also acknowledged the benefits of changing their culture and processes while their facility was still smaller in size. This would allow them to grow more efficiently in the future.

Impact Washington kicked off extensive training in late 2018 with the goal of helping Twintec, Inc. create a quality management system. This consisted of a 13-day engagement with a success partner to provide gap analysis, AS 9100 business management system implementation, and conduct a Lean enterprise certification program.

During this training, Impact Washington’s team led Twintec, Inc. employees through the details of conducting internal audits and implementing standardized processes to help them create a formal production process. The team formalized a plan that identified best practices for improving their information flow to help streamline processes. These best practices were then compiled into guidelines including recommended milestones and a schedule outlining tasks, as well as an estimated timeline for implementing an overall quality management system.

Created July 30, 2020, Updated July 29, 2021