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Leading High Performers


Universal Veneer is a central Ohio manufacturer founded in 1978. Located in Newark, Ohio, it employs 195 people and specializes in the production of custom North American hardwood veneer.

The Challenge

Universal Veneer struggled with low employee morale and high turnover rate. As a result, their president invested in a needs analysis that showed their front-line leaders did not have the proper tools to lead their employees. The company's leadership team consulted with several leadership training providers but found their solutions were expensive and lacked the hands-on approached they were looking for.
Universal Veneer had used other vendors to do leadership training and it was not employee-friendly and not interactive. As a result of the training, employees are more open to collaboration and discussion.  The training program helped build more confident leaders.
— Brian Lehman, HR Director

MEP's Role

Director of HR Brian Lehman had previously worked with CSCC for training solution deliverables and was impressed with their hands-on, interactive, and customized approach. Now, as the MEP for Central Ohio and part of the MEP National Network™, CSCC had additional resources to help with Universal Veneer's workforce needs. The MEP at Columbus State deployed a leadership needs analysis that helped create a customized leadership training program targeting Universal Veneer's specific needs. As a result of the program, Brian Lehman says employee productivity as well as employee morale has increased.
Created August 4, 2022