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ISO Upgrade Improves Productivity


WLS is a premier, full-service metal stamping, fabricating, and laser cutting company located in Cleveland, Ohio. At the flagship short-run stamping facility in Cleveland, Ohio, WLS houses 133 machines. In the Highland Heights location the company takes care of metal fabrication and larger short-run metal stamping projects with an additional 75 machines, including a 4,000-watt Mazak fiber laser, CNC punches and a welding operation. WLS's Carolina Stamping Company in Salisbury, North Carolina, serves regional short-run stamping customers with over 100 machines, and also boasts a robotic welder as well as a Mitsubishi 4500-watt and a 6,000-watt CO2 laser cutter.

The Challenge

WLS and MAGNET, part of the Ohio MEP and the MEP National Network™, met on a variety of occasions to discuss WLS’s growth aspirations, operational efficiency and workforce effectiveness. To maintain current customers, and grow new business, WLS needed to upgrade the business (two factories and headquarters) to ISO 9001:2015 standards. In addition there were opportunities for improvement in plant productivity.
I heard about MAGNET from Aaron Kamat who introduced me to Ethan Karp. I explained some of the issues we were confronted with and MAGNET was able to help. I was introduced to Reed Stith and Tim Nevin, who helped me put a sales and marketing plan together and facilitated a growth and marketing diagnostic workshop for us. I used the documents created this past year as a guide and was able to implement the plan. I used MAGNET to help me with a feasibility study, ISO re-certification to 2015 standards for our stamping plant and now ISO certifying our fabricating plant. Gwido Dlugopolsky has helped me with the last three projects. He has a good attitude and is able to work with all employees as he acts in a professional manner and has respect for everyone. The cost for the work performed is affordable and the expertise in the industry is excellent. We are very pleased with the results. Thanks for all that you do.
— Susan Nash, CFO

MEP's Role

WLS engaged MAGNET to facilitate them through their ISO transition, starting with a quality system map analysis, updating procedures, developing operator work instruction, training to the standard, training on process based auditing, coaching and training internal auditor, conducting the first internal audit and corrective actions, and then certification. Data collection and time studies were also used to develop the improved operator instructions.
Created January 30, 2021, Updated July 16, 2022